Careers Programme

Fordwater School's Careers Programme is designed to prepare our young people for further education, careers advice and employment, reinforced by the benchmarks of the Bakers Clause. In turn, enables our students to develop the knowledge and skills they need to make successful choices, manage transitions in learning and move into college, work or day services.

We deliver this through our future core area of the curriculum.

Students from Year 8 onwards encounter opportunities to meet with college providers, day services and a variety of vocational areas, raising our young people’s aspirations.

Fordwater School delivers this by holding Future Pathways events each year, where students, parents and carers are invited to come and meet with providers. From these events, we are able to work collaboratively with families and young people to plan meaningful and successful transitions.

All studnets from year 7 upwards take part in Careers Week and Ambitions Day, where they are able to try a number of vocational professions and meet trades people. In order for this to be an inclusive offer, students will encounter these experiences both on school site and in the wider community.

Work experience is a fundamental area for our students, as it raises aspirations, creates opportunities linked to the curriculum topic, ‘World of Work’ and enables development of skills.

Students are encouraged to apply for ‘in house’ jobs from our ‘Job Board’  and are supported with applying for work experience positions, completing application forms, preparing for interviews and learning appropriate behaviour.

Moving on Project:

From Year 12 -14, students begin a Moving on Project. Students visit a range of educational providers, day services and work places which deliver supported internships. This enables the young people and the Transition and Careers Manager to develop meaningful and purposeful transition plans.

Students are offered bespoke phased introductions to their chosen pathway, allowing professionals and students to form relationships that will positively enable a successful transition.

The Transition and Careers Manager will maintain destination tracking for students post Fordwater, and continue to work collaboratively alongside professionals, families and educational providers to ensure our young people continue to have a successful future pathway. 

Fordwater Careers Policy

Fordwater-School-Careers-Policy-2023- 2024


Fordwater Careers Programme 2022- 2023


Ambitions Day and Careers Week 2023

As part of this years Ambitions Day and Careers Week, students were given the opportunity to make choices on vocational workshops and provisions based upon their current interests. Attached is the offer available for students this year.

Careers-Week Offer for Students 2022 - 2023


Destination Tracking