Whole school events are an essential part of our Fordwater Aims Curriculum.  A range of events, including religious festivals, focussed curriculum weeks for example ‘Science Week’ and ‘Black History’ month, charity fund raising days including ‘Children in Need’ and ‘Sport Relief’ and national events for example Remembrance Day and the Queen’s Jubilee to name a few, bring our community together in a fun and engaging way and have an extremely important role in bringing our holistic Aims Curriculum into the real world.

Our Community Aim, is focussed on pupils taking an active role within their school, but also within the communities in which they live.  A whole school event brings a sense of community, of which the whole school population can feel a huge sense of belonging, whether they are the oldest or youngest pupils. 

A focus on significant events, give our pupils an opportunity to develop a real life understanding of what is important to others around them, and to play an active part in this.  For example, during charity days, raising money by taking part in sponsored events or dress up, or simply raising awareness in the wider community.  This is also consistent with the teaching of our Relationships and Emotional Wellbeing Aims, and allows real sense of empathy to develop in our pupils.

Practical and first hand learning experiences offered through events days allow teachers to plan engaging opportunities for pupils to acquire knowledge about an area of focus.  Our Curiosity Aim seeks to develop learners with a thirst for enquiry that are actively engaged in their own learning journey.  Through events focussed days and weeks such as ‘World Book Day’ learners are transported into immersive worlds, allowing memorable learning to take place.  Memorable learning is far more often recalled and built upon, increasing the impact of the learning experiences on all.

Our yellow aim Physical development is built into whole school sports week during the summer term.  This focus week is inclusive and enables our whole school to participate in a range of sporting opportunities in a healthy and competitive way.  Other events such as ‘Sports Relief’ that are linked with charity days, or local sporting days linked with other special schools and the local university are also offered to our students.  As food is crucial to many celebrations, the Healthy lifestyles aim of our curriculum is able to be interwoven into events days and weeks through cooking and tasting based on different traditions and cultures.

Events are a favourite at Fordwater, popular with pupils and staff alike, but the learning that takes places is without a doubt invaluable.