Be able to express themselves through a range of creative mediums that will enrich their lives

Creativity is a way our pupils can express themselves without necessarily needing to access cognition, logical thinking, reasoning or words and speech. Music is received in the limbic brain – the part of our brain connected with our emotions and memory. For our pupils who can struggle with these aspects of cognition, creative arts can be a place where they excel, have success and experience joy.

Teachers are not therapists but creativity is well understood to contribute to positive wellbeing and act as a mood enhancer.

Creativity is a playful process and for our pupils much of the value will be through the process rather than product. Where refined skill in music or drawing for example is not the priority, teachers can be free to repeat, practice and explore the processes which are stimulating the pupil to be imaginative, or expressive, communicative or joyful without needing always to focus on the outcome. Put simply, Creativity is good for the soul.