Fordwater Assessment Headlines 2016-2017

Fordwater has implemented its own assessment system based on ‘I Can’ statements and assessment scales which include the P Levels and End of Year Expectations.  This has all been entered onto an online system ‘Onwards & Upwards’.  Fordwater has worked closely with other West Sussex Special schools to moderate these statements and ensure consistency of judgements. (Many of these schools are also using O&U).

Performance data is validated as part of a monitoring process and carried out by senior managers.


Individual Pupil Progress (O&U)

As we are now using a new system it is currently not possible to benchmark against other schools at this stage although this is planned for the future. All judgements are moderated by senior leaders, across the West Sussex Special Schools and some by the LA.

End of Key Stage targets set are based on the Progression Guidance and detailed knowledge of individual pupils.

Overall subject areas:

60.5% of pupils made outstanding progress

20% of pupils made good progress

6.5% of pupil progress required improvement

13% of pupil progress was inadequate


Individual Pupil Progress

In addition to the O&U data the school also tracks all individual pupil progress in English, Maths and Science and for those pupils achieving within the P levels measures progress against ‘The Progression Guidance’ quartiles Upper, Median and Lower.


From KS1 – KS2: 20% of progress made was in the upper quartile and 53% the median and 27% the lower quartile.

From KS2 – KS3: 100% of progress made was in the median

From KS3 – KS4: 33% of progress made was in the upper quartile and 50% the median and 17% the lower quartile.


Detailed analysis of individual pupil progress data is completed at the end of each academic year.

As a school we also analyse cohorts of pupils focusing on areas such as gender, FSM and primary need.





DfE Performance Tables