School Day

School Begins 8.50am
Morning Break 10.05am – 10.20am
Lunch Time 11.50am – 12.30pm (Primary School)
12.30pm – 1.10pm (Secondary School)
Lunch Break 12.30pm – 1.10pm (Primary School)
11.50am – 12.30pm (Secondary School)
End of School 3.10pm



Pupils begin arriving at 8.30am.  There are some staff on duty in the hall from 8.30am. to supervise the children, escorts may leave the children at 8.40am. At 8.50 all children go to class, pupils arriving later than this will be taken to the classroom by their escorts.


All children have a morning break from 10.05 – 10.20 this takes place outside unless the weather is unsuitable when children can take part in a variety of indoor activities. Once students are in the further education department they are encouraged to make their own choices on how to spend their break times.


The school lunch time is 11.50 – 1.10; Primary School have their lunch first and then go out to play, and Secondary School have play first and then their lunch. There is a teacher in charge of each lunch play.

Some classes have a Midday Meals Assistant (MMA) allocated to them. Those children that are able to, line up at the hatch with their plate and select their meal from the wide variety of choices available. Specialist diets are catered for.