A very warm welcome to Osprey class! 

Our team consists of Natalie and Rachel, Teri, Sarah, Val and Janie. Osprey’s class consists of year 12 and 13 students. Our students are encouraged to work together to develop good team work skills, and to be considerate of each other’s needs. We apply this in all our activities and demonstrate how teamwork not only improves our learning experiences, but makes being part of Ospreys rewarding and enjoyable. 

We have a structured timetable that includes working towards ASDAN modules, which focus on independent living skills, and makes time for the students to partake in extra-curricular activities, college studies and work experience. 

ASDAN Modules 

ASDAN modules help students develop independence by building simple but important living skills. For example; once a week students plan, shop for, and cook their own choice of meal for the rest of the class. This builds confidence not only in the practical skills they are developing, but also helps builds social confidence through sharing. We feel in Ospreys that developing independent skills is paramount in providing essential skills for life after Fordwater. 

Extra-Curricular Activities 

These are fundamental times for the students to interact with each other, students from other classes, and students from our consortium schools, in social settings. Activities that we enjoy include visits and trips in the local community, cooking, and taking part in The Duke of Edinburgh Award. Our visits and trips away from Fordwater are great fun and give us opportunities to learn about how to socialise and find our way in the wider community. We visit the theatre, restaurants, the cinema, museums, Pallant House gallery and take trips further afield to Portsmouth, Bognor Regis, and in previous years, to London to see the performance of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Last year the class planned, budgeted and started a school tuck shop which has gone from strength to strength and will be built on and developed over the coming year. 

College Studies and Work Experience 

Students attend both Chichester and Brinsbury College for Link courses one day each week. Activities such as catering, construction, horticulture, performing arts and hair and beauty are all on offer during the year. This early introduction to the College has been found to be useful with helping students gain confidence in a college setting and has led to a number of pupils choosing to study further courses in local colleges after they leave Fordwater. 

We enjoy our Work Experience activities which cater for the wide range of interests and abilities amongst our students. As a class we access the Apuldram and Aldingbourne centres as well as taking part in jobs in class and around the school. All this makes for a diverse and interesting range of real life working experiences. 

We believe that being at a school like Fordwater, and especially in a class like Ospreys, will give you an amazing opportunity to develop both your independence and social skills whilst giving you a sense of achievement and empowerment for your future.