Flamingo class is a Key stage 3/4 group for pupils with profound and multiple learning difficulties (PMLD)

  • Sensory Curriculum
  • Class Teacher: Gill Linkins
  • Supported by: Cathy, Kelly, Alexis and Debbie

Flamingo has 6 pupils who all have a high level of physical needs, severe learning difficulties and complex health needs. The pupils are fully supported by a friendly committed team of adults with a great sense of humour whose priority it is to make learning fun.

The class follow familiar routines which help to reduce levels of anxiety by establishing and consolidating a sense of chronology. The routine also assists pupils in developing their levels of anticipation. However, flexibility and adaptability are key features within this class in order to support and meet the wide range of pupils’ needs, which can fluctuate throughout the day.

Flamingo class follow a stimulating sensory curriculum which enables learning through topics, whilst also empowering each pupil to progress in their priority areas:-

Personal care and comfort

This involves full adult support in both feeding and bathroom routines. Regular changes of position and engagement in an individual physiotherapy program as identified by the Physiotherapy team are carried out daily. Emergency action plans are in place to meet all medical and health needs, and all staff are trained to administer medication. The pupils’ personal care and comfort is of paramount importance as without this the pupils are unable to engage in or access any meaningful experiences or interactions.


In liaison with the Speech and Language Therapist each pupil is encouraged to develop and use an individual method of communication. Wherever possible, switches are used to help the pupils share News from family members and carers. A range of objects, sounds and smells are used as cues to help pupils to anticipate forthcoming activities. All pupils are encouraged to accept and cooperate with on-body signing with a view to developing the ability to sign co-actively, and where possible use sign with increased independence. Where pupils are able to use photographs and symbols to make choices, or express preferences, these are incorporated into their daily routines.