Owls class are a mixed primary and secondary class with predominantly sensory and multiple learning needs. We’ve welcomed Callum into the class as Luke has left to go to a new school, and although we will miss him very much we know he will have a lot of fun. We welcome back Joeli, Joshua, Ruby and Thomas. 

The staff supporting Owls class consist of Jo, Barry, Sharron, Nicky, Jo, Sarah, Cathy, Caroline and Salma. Our other lovely SSA, Hollie has now moved to Caterpillars class where she will be as great as she was when she was in ‘Owls’. 

We like to be as creative as possible in Owls and much of the learning occurs through sensory stories, messy play, music, art, TACPAC, resonance and the use of the specialist sensory rooms. Cooking also features heavily in our curriculum and although not everything we create is edible, we have a lot of fun exploring ingredients. Swimming is a very popular activity and each child in Owls follows an individual physiotherapy regime. We often attempt team games / sports, although the adults regularly cheat at these, and our participation in the ‘Shaving Foam Relay’ in Sports Day was unparalleled! Each child is encouraged to communicate through their preferred and chosen methods of communication, each of which is valued and celebrated. We promote the use of switches, Makaton, Tassels, vocal and physical gestures. We have created curriculums that allow the individual child to have a degree of ownership over their own learning and become stronger agents of communication. 

We love to have fun in Owls and provide a supportive environment for each child to achieve their full academic and social potentials.