Caterpillars is a Primary class where many students transition following Early Years. We currently have seven students, ranging from 5 to 8 years old with differing learning difficulties and needs. 

Ellie is our class teacher with Mia, Hollie, Liane and Dani, our Special Support Assistants. Sarah joins us each day to support with our lunchtime routines. 

We cover a broad range of subjects within our curriculum and varied approaches to learning that are tailored to individual needs. Caterpillar’s class love to learn through play and more structured lessons where a tactile and hands-on approach is preferred. 

Each term, we focus on a new topic that can be covered across subjects and opportunities to participate in events with other primary classes. These topics, world-wide celebrations and individual achievements are shared during our weekly whole school assemblies. 

We also enjoy a weekly swimming session, soft play and use of specialist rooms across the school. 

We use a range of communication methods, such as PEC’s, Makaton and symbols. Our multi-disciplinary team includes the Speech and Language, school nurse, OT and Physiotherapist who we work closely with to develop and deliver individuated plans. 

We believe that in Caterpillars every child is given the opportunity to access education and play whilst developing both independence and social skills. Caterpillar’s class is a safe and engaging space where we love to have fun!