Butterflies is a class of Key Stage 2 pupils. We currently have eight pupils, who all have a range of differing learning difficulties and needs. We have one teacher, Jo and three special support assistants; Helen, Dani & Alex. Julie helps us at lunchtimes, where we join the rest of the primary classes to eat in the hall.

We follow the National Curriculum, adapted to meet our individual needs, and work on our literacy and numeracy skills daily. A lot of our teaching is through topic work, but we also have time to work on our individual targets. We also have personalised learning trays, which focus on areas of learning where we need to develop further. As a class we work in groups, as a class and individually. We try to make our learning as sociable as possible to ensure that all pupils have a chance to communicate with their peers.

In Butterflies we work on independence, self-help and communication skills across the week. The class follows a structured routine which helps reduce levels of anxiety. The routine assists the pupils to develop a sense of anticipation which is supported through the use of visual timetables and symbols. We use speech, Makaton signs, symbols, PECS and switches to help us communicate.

We are a busy and active class and enjoy weekly PE, swimming, sensory and play barn sessions, in addition to using the playground and outdoor equipment regularly. We also work on our independence through computing and cooking sessions, in addition to trips out in the community. We do love getting messy and having hands on fun!