Ladybirds is an Early Years Class with nine children, five of whom have recently joined the school. The majority of our pupils have a diagnosis of Autism. Ladybirds are generally very active and full of energy so we are a lively, busy class. 

Emma is our Class Teacher with Charis, Karen, Lisa and Keeley, our Special Support Assistants. 

We follow an adapted version of the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum which is tailored to our individual needs. 

Most of our learning is through play and we like to take part in a range of activities both inside and outside, many of which are based around the termly topic. We are lucky to have a veranda with access to the playground as we like to spend time outside on the bikes, slide, climbing equipment and trampoline. The class love messy play activities including sand, water and play dough as well as a range of art activities. 

We also enjoy a weekly swimming session, soft play, music and parachute games. We join the whole school for Assemblies and eat in the hall at lunchtime. 

We are learning to use PECs, signs and symbols to support our communication and work closely with the Speech and Language Therapist. We enjoy daily ‘Little Group’ sessions (based on the Attention Autism intervention) to develop our attention, communication and language skills. 

The staff in Ladybirds class work in partnership with parents to ensure the best possible outcomes for our pupils. 

Most importantly we love to have fun while learning.