Bumblebees is an early years class, primarily for pupils with profound and multiple learning difficulties (PMLD). 

* Adapted Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Curriculum 

* Class teachers are Shelley (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday am) and Liz (Wednesday pm, Thursday, Friday). We swap over our Wednesdays so we both have the opportunity to swim with the class. 

* Supported by: Sharon, Jacqui, Hannah (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday) & Annie (Thursday, Friday). Helen helps us 3 mornings a week and at lunchtimes. 

We currently have 5 pupils aged between 3 and 6. Depending on their age and circumstances, the children attend either full or part time. Some will gradually build up their time in school as we get to know each other. Many of the pupils have very complex health needs, including visual and hearing impairments, so this can often take quite some time. Parents are welcomed, both whilst their children settle into their new surroundings and throughout the year, as strong home/school links are really important when children are so young. 

We have adapted the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum to suit the needs of our children. Whilst the main focus is on the prime areas of learning (Communication and Language, Physical Development and Personal Social and Emotional Development),we also incorporate the Specific areas of learning (Literacy, Mathematics, Expressive Arts and Design and Understanding the World). Many learning activities are delivered through a range of structured play opportunities, tailored to suit individuals. We have lots of sensory activities and opportunities to explore and get messy (which lots of us thoroughly enjoy). 

We work closely with other professionals to ensure that information is shared and transitions from home, nursery or other settings are smooth. Everyone will have a personalised physiotherapy programme developed with the physiotherapists. We utilise lots of Alternative, Augmentative Communication methods including objects of reference, Tassels touch cues, song cues, Makaton signing, switches, photos and symbols. 

We have a lovely classroom which opens directly onto the nursery playground, so we are able to access outdoor learning too. Bumblebees have lunch in our classroom, then whenever possible join the rest of the primary department for playtime. We are very much a part of the department, participating in assemblies and events alongside other pupils. 

We aim to ensure our children are happy, busy and stimulated to learn so that they can have the best possible start to school. Having lots of fun is very important for us all.