Duke of Edinburgh

Students in the 6th Form have the opportunity of taking part in the ‘Duke of Edinburgh’ award scheme. This has proved to be very popular and the students have all enjoyed working towards their award. Although open to any student, not all of the students go on to complete all of the sections. For the sections they do complete, they are awarded a sectional certificate. The activities take place on a Monday during the school day. The students take part in different activities as part of the ASDAN and PSD Curriculum. To complete their award, they will need to work on four sections.

Skills, Physical Recreation, Volunteering and an Expedition, although they will only take part in the expedition if they are registered on the scheme. For Bronze participants, they must take part in the expedition which involves a two day journey with an overnight stay to fully achieve their award.

In the past, the students have worked on different activities as part of these sections including photography, hiking, drama, cooking, kayaking and working with the National Trust. They may also work on more appropriate activities relating to their abilities in school.