West Sussex County Council is the admissions authority for Fordwater School and all decisions on placements are made by them after consultation with the school.

All children at Fordwater have a statement of special educational needs (SEN), or an Education, Health & Care Plan (EHCP) and cannot be placed at Fordwater without either of these. Under the new Children and Families Bill (2014) statements are due to be replaced with Education, Health & Care plans over the next three years.

The majority of children start Fordwater School at the start of each academic year in September. A small number join throughout the year either because they are moving into the area or once their statutory assessment is completed. Fordwater works closely with other agencies including portage, early years settings, other schools, health and social care professionals in addition to close liaison with families to ensure the transition into Fordwater is successful for all our pupils.

Please see our Admissions Policy for further details.

Special Educational Needs Team (Statutory Assessment and Statements) can be contacted by phoning 0330 222 5151 (schools in the North of the County) or phoning 0330 222 6469 (schools in the South of the County).