Circle Times

Circle Times

Good Morning song - Everyone

Days of the week -  Starfish Circle Time


Good Morning Song  - Starfish Circle Time


Good Afternoon Song  - Starfish Circle Time



Weather Song  - Starfish Circle Time

Greeting from Butterflies Class


Good Morning Song  - Butterflies Class

Good Afternoon Song Butterflies Class


Days of the week Butterflies Class

Owls Good Morning Song by Jo

Hello Otters


Hello Otters by Kate Turnbull


Good Afternoon Otters


What's the Weather Otters

Hello Ladybirds Song


Hello Ladybirds - Circle Time


Good afternoon to Ladybirds

Hello Song - Caterpillars

Good Morning Song Tiger Cubs - Circle Time


Hello Tiger Cubs - Circle Time



Tigers - Good Morning - Circle Time



Hello Dolphins


Days of the week song - Dolphins


Weather Song - Dolphins



Good Morning - Flamingos

Good Morning Eagles

Kestrels - Circle Time


Emma and Mollie saying hello to Tigers