Sensory Activites

Sensory Activities

Apps For Sensory Learners #1 (.pdf file)

Apps For Sensory Learners #2 (.pdf file)

We're Going on a Spring Walk by Charlotte Gallimore


You will need:

  • Umbrella
  • Items of interest to hang e.g.  Ribbons, lights, Cds, beads, scarves, bangles, kitchen utensils, small toys

Umbrella 1   Umbrella 2

Umbrella 3

Sensory umbrellas create a small space to engage and stimulate students. They are super easy to make and can be themed to whatever you child finds exciting.

Any umbrella you have is fine, thread items through the umbrella spokes or peg items around the edge. If you have some fairy lights and shiny items they can create wonderful colours. Disco lights projecting up at umbrellas also create wonderful effects.

Children can either be laid underneath the umbrella or they can be held above them in wheel chairs or hung up.

Theme Ideas-

Goldilocks- hang small bears and wooden spoons

Super heroes-  hang small figures, shine torches on umbrella as ‘Batman’ call light.

Under the sea- ribbons as seaweed, Cds to reflect light, strips of bubble wrap, fish cut out of card.

Space- fairy lights, space blankets, Rockets, small balls cello taped to string as planets


You will need:

Odd or old socks

Ribbon or string to tie tops

Items with different texture qualities- bottle tops, dried rice, cornflakes, plastic bags, bells, sponges, herbs, food flavourings, playdoh, shaving foam, beads




Place chosen item inside socks and tie the tops with ribbons. Allow your child to explore the different socks using their senses. What do they sound like, feel like, smell like!

When adding scents into socks you may want to consider putting drops onto a sponge, hankie or tissue before placing inside.

You could add ‘wet’ textures like shaving foam, hair gel, playdoh by adding them into a ziplock bag first- be sure to squeeze air out and do them up securely first!



You could put the same items in two socks- to make a matching game

Can you match by sound, smell and sight?

Can you guess what’s in the sock?

Sensory Learning Ideas

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