Links to Literacy websites

Activity: Multiple links to Literacy websites. To be updated continually as new sites are found.

Description: To explore on computers or tablets where required different games, videos and texts.

Created: Jake Meegan

For: All

Literacy story links

(Video and text based stories that are free to access)

Phonics links

Phonics links (series of websites aimed at assisting with phonics and sounds, variety of free games and videos)

Spelling games

Spelling games (A pool of spelling games of varying levels and a website devised to create your own spellings)

Every day at 11am, you can listen one of David Walliams’ World’s Worst Children stories, so sit down, take a break, and enjoy 20ish minutes of pure fun!

World of David Walliams

Audible Stories - Free Audiobooks

Initial Letter match

Activity: Initial Letter match

Short description: Find the correct initial letter/sound to complete the symbol flashcards.

Teacher: Jake Meegan

Suitable: Early Years/KS1/KS2/KS3

Initial Letter Match (.pdf file)

Humpty Dumpty Comprehension

Activity: Humpty Dumpty Comprehension

Short description: Simple story and rhyme to sing and questions to answer/ask.

Teacher: Jake Meegan

Suitable: Early Years/KS1/KS2

Humpty Dumpty questions (.pdf file)

Humpty Dumpty text (.pdf file)

 Look and Answer

Activity: Look and answer

Short description: Look at the picture/read the text and answer the question using the symbols to help.

Teacher: Jake Meegan

Suitable: All

Look and solve (.pdf file)

Read and colour

Activity: Read and colour

Short description: Read the statement and colour or choose correct colour from the text. 

Teacher: Jake Meegan

Suitable: All

Colour Comprehension (.pdf file)

Short word reads

Activity: Short word reads

Short description:  A series of S, A, T short words to sound out and read. If able to print can matchs symbols to the word.

Teacher: Jake Meegan

Suitable:  KS1/KS2/KS3

Short Word Reads (.pdf file)

Early Literacy Home Learning Ideas

Here are a list of practical learning activities for use at home, that are designed to develop early literacy skills in children.  Hopefully the resources needed will be things that you can easily find in your own home.

Mark Making in Play dough

Enjoy using your play dough to experiment with different types of mark making.  You could experiment with different shapes, letters or even your name.  You could try different types of lines (wavy, straight, zig zag), or even just find a collection of objects from around the house and push them into the play dough to make marks.  Lego blocks make brilliant shapes!

Mark Making in Play Dough

Kitchen Utensils Painting

Instead of just using paint brushes to make marks, see what kinds of marks you can create by using the kitchen utensils found in your kitchen.  Potato mashers, balloon whisks and fish slices all make really interesting marks.  Encourage your child to look at some of the marks they have created.  Which ones do they like best?

Kitchen Utensils Painting

Fence Painting with Water

This is a great activity to do in the garden on a sunny day.  It just uses big paint brushes and water, so any mess will just dry up.  It teaches large scale movements that are great for developing coordination and muscle strength.  These big scale movements translate well into smaller movements over time.  You may even end up with clean fences too!

Fence Painting with Water

Sensory Writing Tray

Find a flat tray and use whatever materials you can lay your hands on!  This picture is lentils, but rice, shaving foam, oats, couscous or sand will all work well.  Each material will offer the child a slightly different sensory experience.  Practice using the fingers to create marks.  You could create marks/shapes on card for your child to try and copy!

Sensory Writing Tray

Alphabet Object Sorting

If your child has begun to recognise some letters and sounds, you could work on some simple sorting activities.

 You could start by making a collection of household objects beginning with 2 different sounds.  Encourage your child to say the name of each object and sort them into 2 piles, one for words beginning with each sound.  If this is easy, then sort by more than 2 sounds.

This game may take some repetition, but you could build on it over time.

Alphabet Object Sorting

Train Track Word Building

If your child is beginning to read some simple words, this is a lovely idea to practice sounding out with letters put onto their train track. 

Simply spell out a word that can be sounded out and drive the train along to each letter sounding it out.  At the end of the word put the sounds together to say the whole word.  Practice reading them slow then get faster.

Train Track Word Building

Train or Car Track Mark Making

Often a firm favourite at school!

Use your child’s cars/trains to make a collection of different lines in paint/sand or even cornflour and water!  They love looking at the types of marks they can make.

It is even good fun to practice washing them all off after with some soapy water in the garden!

Train or Car Track Mark Making

What’s in the bag?

This is a great activity for early speech development.  What can you find to put in the bag?  You can let your child put their hand in and guess what they can feel, or you could put your hand in and describe it to them.

What interesting things can you find to put in your bag? 

What's In The Bag

Literacy-and-Numeracy-Ideas-Katie-Hopkins (.pdf file)

Stories and Rhymes

Activity: Stories and Rhymes

Description: Below is a variety of different stories, rhymes and fables to be read by adult or child depending on ability.

Each text has an accompanying question and activity sheet to help parents understand how much their child comprehends. Some contain mix of multiple choice to harder written answered responses.

Parents can get answers either verbally, through physical gesturing when providing a choice or written.

By: Jake

For: All

Brown Bear story (.pdf file)

Brown bear Questions (.pdf file)

Elephant and Friends story (.pdf file)

Elephant and Friends questions (.pdf file)

Hare and Tortoise Story (.pdf file)

Hare and Tortoise questions (.pdf file)

Down At The Bus Stop (.pdf file)

Down At The Bus Stop questions (.pdf file)

Lauren The Sloth story (.pdf file)

Lauren The Sloth Questions (.pdf file)

Incy Wincy spider (.pdf file)


Literacy Date  
Elephant and friends questions 07th May 2020 Download
Elephant and friends story 07th May 2020 Download
Hare and tortoise questions 07th May 2020 Download
Hare and tortoise 07th May 2020 Download
Story pack 1 07th May 2020 Download
Brown bear questions 07th May 2020 Download
Brown bear 07th May 2020 Download
Down At The Bus Stop questions 07th May 2020 Download
Down At The Bus Stop 07th May 2020 Download
Incy Wincy spider 07th May 2020 Download
Lauren sloth questions 07th May 2020 Download
Lauren the sloth story 07th May 2020 Download
Were going on a bear hunt sensory story (.pdf file) 27th Mar 2020 Download
14 19 KC (.pdf file) 07th Apr 2020 Download
Coronavirus social story in COMMUNICATION (.pdf file) 07th Apr 2020 Download
Jobs and place of work sorting 14 19 KC (.pdf file) 07th Apr 2020 Download
Jobs and vehicles sorting KC 14 19 (.pdf file) 07th Apr 2020 Download
KC Healthy eating lunchbox cut and stick LIFESKILLS (.pdf file) 07th Apr 2020 Download
KC likes and dislikes COMMUNICATION (.pdf file) 07th Apr 2020 Download
Initial Letter (.pdf file) 07th Apr 2020 Download
Humpty Dumpty questions (.pdf file) 07th Apr 2020 Download
Humpty Dumpty text (.pdf file) 07th Apr 2020 Download
Literacy website links collection (.pdf file) 07th Apr 2020 Download
Look and solve 07th Apr 2020 Download
Colour Comprehension 07th Apr 2020 Download
Short Word Reads 07th Apr 2020 Download
Early Literacy Home Learning Ideas 07th Apr 2020 Download
Literacy and Numeracy Ideas Katie Hopkins 07th Apr 2020 Download
Early Literacy Home Learning Ideas 18th Apr 2020 Download
Visual FINE motor skills primary KWT 26th Apr 2020 Download
Visual literacy WORDfamilies ideas KWT 26th Apr 2020 Download
Visual literacy LETTERlearning ideas KWT 26th Apr 2020 Download

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Fordwater Update

Fordwater Update Dear Parents and Carers, I hope this correspondence finds you all well. I am writing to update you on the current situation following Sundays announcement from the Prime Minister. Since Sunday there have been several documents published that have talked about more pupils returning to school. Specifically primary aged children in identified year groups. Special Schools have NOT been asked to bring specific year groups back into school. We have been asked to continue to support children of keyworkers with no other childcare options and children who for different reasons are some of the most vulnerable. These pupils will mostly have social workers who have been closely involved in risk assessing their attendance at school with school leaders and the safeguarding team. None of these pupils are currently in school full time. This week we have increased our numbers on site by a very small number who fall into this category. This is an indication of how we are looking to slowly reintroduce pupils into school. However this needs to be incredibly measured, risk assessed and monitored. There is no definitive date for increasing numbers and we will continue to reintroduce pupils on a case by case basis if it is safe and possible. In many ways our position at school remains unchanged and we will not make any huge changes in increasing numbers until we have clear evidence that it is safe for more pupils to be in school. We want to try and provide some time in school for Year 14s before the end of the Summer Term. Obviously this is only if it is appropriate for the individual and if parents are comfortable and happy with what we propose. As yet we have not planned this. As I have indicated in the Bugle we are not expecting pupils to return to school if parents and carers feel they are safer at home. Whilst I know that in some cases it is hard, in the vast majority of cases, home remains the safest place for our children. Whilst we are all desperate to have pupils back in and whilst we know the benefits of school for our young people we have to ensure that it is safe for the whole school community. We need to ensure we have enough staff on site who are able to work safely with our pupils. Maintaining social distancing is very difficult in a school such as Fordwater and therefore in order to try and maintain any of the national guidance we cannot have too many pupils and staff in school at any one time. We will continue to call you weekly to see how you are. Please continue to use the support email if you have any questions or concerns that need to be addressed by school leaders. We will continue to update everyone via ParentMail and with the weekly Bugle. It has been wonderful to see such lovely pictures of our pupils at home during this time. We will continue to provide fortnightly individualised class newsletters to help families with home learning options. We will update our website regularly with activities and information. Annual Review packs will be sent out to each family in the coming weeks. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your child’s current EHCP needs whilst they are at home then please discuss that during your weekly call with your teacher or use the support email. Thank you to everyone in the Fordwater community for their ongoing support and teamwork during this time. Safety and Wellbeing of everyone is our priority and we are doing all we can in this difficult time to try and prioritise that. Stay Safe and Stay Well. Sophie
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