Physical Activities

Physical activities


Activity: Physical Activity

Short description: Various online exercise programmes 

Teacher: Katie Hopkins 

Suitable for: All pupils. 

Joe Wicks 5 minute Yoga (lots more available on you tube just type in You Tube Joe Wicks school workout)


Cosmic kids Harry Potter Yoga

Cosmic kids yoga Frozen (Cosmic kids have a huge catalogue of different yoga videos on you tube just type in Cosmic Kids yoga)


Chair yoga with Sherry Zak Morris Kestrels class have been really enjoying this Sherry has lots more on you tube just type in Sherry Zak Morris chair yoga


Another really nice chair yoga video with Sherry Zak Morris

Disco Dough!

Tai chi

Tai Chi - Warm Up

Tai Chi video #1


Tai Chi video #2


Wildlife Tai Chi - Flying Fox


Tai Chi - The Coffee Plunger


Tai Chi - Four Directional Breathing 

Activity: Tai chi

Short description: introduction to Tai Chi, a few ideas to start practising

Teacher: Shelley Smith

Suitable for: All Students  (with modifications)

Tai Chi

Tai chi

Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese martial art but unlike most other martial arts it is gentle and meditative. I have led some sessions in school this year, with mixed groups of Sixth Formers, building upon previous one-off sessions across the school.

I am aiming to make a few videos for the website in the near future but in the meantime a good website that may be helpful if you &/or your son/daughter would like to try some at home is:

This features Mike, a Tai Chi teacher and friend of mine, who I have trained with for many years. I suggest the best sections to look at initially are

  • Four-directional breathing
  • Qi Gong Exercises

            Painting with Light

            The Flying Fox

             Happy Days

It is often necessary to adapt the exercises, according to an individual’s physical ability, balance and concentration etc. Here are a few tips to get you started.

The most important thing is the breathing – adults demonstrating/supporting should try to exaggerate this. Make it deep and slow, and if you can breathe down into your abdomen so you can see your stomach rise and fall. Breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth, making a definite sound as you breathe out. You might want to vary this e.g. like a sigh, or blowing out or ‘shh’. I have often found that just doing this breathing can fascinate our pupils.

Always do a little warm up stretching first but be very gentle. For now, focus on hands, arms and looking from side to side, up and down.

Exercises can be done standing, sitting on a chair/in a wheelchair or even lying supine.

Please have a go!

Jo - Shotgun Dance Routine

Outdoor Ideas v2

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